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Jyoti Tokas

A Museum always has something for everyone! A place belongs to all- Irrespective of age cast and creed!  Whether you are with a 5year old or alone, looking for art or history, peace or music, food for thought or thinking about food, whether you are learning or teaching, searching or researching, looking for fun or entertainment, museums are a place to be!

National gallery of Modern Art situated at the heart of city, right on India Gate circle is a place that belongs to all, if you visit once you will become a part of it. A museum of modern art established in March 29, 1954 by the then Vice-President, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. All the prominent sculptors of that time like Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhury, Ramkinkar Baij, Sankho Chaudhuri, Dhanraj Bhagat, Sarbari Roy Chowdhury and others had participated in the inaugural Exhibition of the Museum; many of them are still part of the collection and history of this institution.

However, with time, as the NGMA acquired more works into its collection, and presently  18,000 works (approximately) within it testify to a rich and resplendent past even as they pay tribute to the present. Its treasures span miniature paintings to modernist interventions and contemporary expressions. This museum run and administered as a subordinate office to the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and has two branches in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The NGMA helps people to look at the works of modern art with greater joy, understanding and knowledge by extending their relationship with our daily life and experiencing them as vital expressions of the human spirit. NGMA continues to fulfill its role as a center for the Arts, and is today utilized as a Period Gallery presenting its permanent collection and has also become a sought-after and premier venue for special exhibitions in the country. NGMA has evolved as a space which has shown tremendous potential to present dynamic exhibitions, both in terms of permanent repository and works of art represented through loans. One of the main objectives of the NGMA is to enable people to look at works of contemporary art with understanding and sensitivity.

NGMA is constantly developing spaces around its premises, specially designed to conduct outdoor activities such as lectures talks, sketching sessions, guided tours, Light and sound Show, Plays , dance and music performances also a children’s corner within the permanent gallery space where kids can create their art and own it. The idea behind such spaces based on learning from nature and from our surroundings. NGMAs visitors programs allows different audiences to come closer to the institution and be part of it.


Gallery Activities & Tours


Walkthroughs at NGMA allows everyone to Explore art, history, and culture through the galleries with daily three tours  by NGMA Guide Lecturers. These are suitable and open for all.





Join NGMA staff, including Museum curators, conservators, and educators, on topics ranging from special exhibitions to a special exhibit. These are scheduled talks during mid week on Wednesdays . The timings are fixed in the afternoon.


Every last Friday of month Save the Date with Art  at 5.pm learn and know more about journey of Modern Art by eminent art historians and artists themselves. To attend these talks pre registration  required.



Weekends at NGMA are fun-filled! join with whole family for a range of activities. A hands-on art-making experience, guided tour of the galleries, learns about our collection through talks with curators, artists, and visiting scholars. Immerse in creativity, music and dance!



Special Events


Every last Saturday of month come and enjoy diverse  culture  through Music and dance centered around art. take part in an eclectic mix of activities, including performance Nights, art making,  tours, demonstrations, sound and light and more!





Every Thursday Enjoy films and documentaries on art and artists around world at NGMA Auditorium (*check schedule on website for details/calendar).

Programs With Registration


Be a NGMA YOGI and Enroll yourself for practicing yoga around lush green gardens at NGMA with a trained yoga practitioner in any session of your choice, registration for 3 months required. available sessions are: Early Morning; Afternoon & Evening Sessions


Woman folks are welcome to organized their KITTY PARTIES at NGMA CAFÉ and enjoy conceptual recipes “food as ART” throughout year.  Enjoy art by taking special walk through to museum galleries.


Register yourself to learn with fun! Sketch / Painting/ photography/Ceramic/Sculpture/ weaving and even acting and ART Appreciation classes for quarterly sessions on Sunday mornings at NGMA SUNDAY ART CLUB.



The NGMA offers art classes through summer workshops for all! families, children, teens, and adults are taught by experienced educators who are also professional artists. All are invited to take part, explore, experiment, and solve problems as they create and interact with art.

Kids Programs


NGMA activity  AREA is  meant for children up to 5 yrs of age and a permanent space inside galleries developed specially for them. Here they can create art while playing and can take away with them.


specially designed KITS inspired from NGMA collections in shape of ART KITS for children up to 10yrs which they can create with their family member and take away with them as memory/ souvenir.


Teen Program


The NGMA TEEN LEAER Program is a volunteering opportunity for high school students to lead gallery teaching and art-making experiences for children ages 5–12 and their families. TEEN LEADERS build their self-confidence and public speaking skills through interacting with Museum visitors and mentorship with NGMA staff members. This programs aims at developing leadership ability in teens with emphasis on value of teamwork, collaboration, and developing communication skills who will definitely learn more about art, history, society and the cultures as represented in the NGMA’s collection and will gain exposure to art around world through special international exhibitions.

School Programs 


Schools can plan and book their visit in advance where apart from guided tour special activities may be organized with NGMA EDUATORS. Such as storytelling sessions, creative sessions with NGMA ART KITs, film screening etc.


NGMA in collaboration with AICTE, NCERT and CIE, organizes regular workshops for teachers/educators to take art to the class rooms for teaching wide range of subjects.

                                                                             NGMA PALS

NGMA PALS is a special registration based school program where Schools and colleges register as NGMA PALS are privilege partners can be part of special programs with a wide range of activities on a very short notice. Certain Special and very important activities and programs with support from embassies and institutions; with visiting artists, art educators, museum educators, performances, film screenings, talks, seminars and many other programs not added in annual plan in advance can be taken part only by NGMA PALS.

Volunteers Program:

NGMA Volunteers is program for Skilled persons who want to engage and contribute their free time in different museum activities and programs organized for different age groups as support/ facilitator etc. it is not only a volunteer program but the  NGMA volunteers can suggest and lend their point of view for various programs being organized by NGMA throughout year. All NGMA volunteers would meet once a month and put together new ideas of visitors’ engagement and involvement. NGMA Volunteers are privileged to attend and take part in organization of activity and program of their interest.

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